Guide to a good life #1: Music

Music is a huge part of my life. I’m not a brilliant musician, I don’t work in the industry, most of my family can’t carry a tune – but, I am skilled in the art of Music Appreciation (sounds like a class you take to flirt with shaggy-haired boys, but I digress). Enjoying and discovering new and old music is one of my greatest hobbies, and has enriched my life in more ways than I can count. It lifts my mood, or allows me to embrace it. It can be an education, entertainment, a dose of nostalgia, or a new challenge. It’s essentially my fuel, and therefore, one of the most vital elements of a good life. And I am looking forward to all the ways I can infuse Lewis’ life with the stuff.

(image of Lou Reed and Nico via 11 East 14th Street)

I’ve been playing music for Lew every day since his birth. I went into labor with the little guy the day that Lewis Allan “Lou” Reed passed away. We had already picked the name Lewis, but I think it’s a bit of a sign – may the gods of good music bless my child. There was a lot of Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground on the radio at the time – even though Lew was born on a Monday morning, the song “Sunday Morning” will always remind me of the first time I looked into his deep blue eyes.

As luck would have it, a piano teacher moved in across the street a couple months ago – I hope to get Lew into some lessons. Even if he doesn’t stick with it, I know it will help him in his future appreciation (I know it did for me). I also look forward to taking him to KEXP events. But for now, we just dance, dance, dance to the radio. I sing him songs I know the lyrics to – one of my favorites is New Order’s “Temptation,” mainly because I get to swing him around when I sing it:
“Up down, turn around! Please don’t let me hit the ground!…”

Can’t wait to take the little bugger to shows as he grows up.

Nice and close at the War on Drugs, earlier this year

Nice and close at the War on Drugs, earlier this year


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